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Sealing Reservoirs by Komashov Mishorim

Komashov Mishorim Ltd. specializes in the construction, sealing and maintenance of all reservoir types in Israel and globally. To date the company has constructed hundreds of water reservoirs and has been responsible for sealing reservoirs for  some of Israel’s largest projects. We  specialize in cleaning all types of water reservoirs using  the highest standards of practice In the event of sludge, we handle it until the reservoir is completely  cleaned and the client satisfied.

Sealing of reservoirs, both in Israel and globally, is facilitated with the use of special plastic sheeting which seals the reservoirs infrastructure. This can be used for various types:

  • Preserving liquids and their treatment
  • Preventing seepage into the earth
  • Separating the various liquids from contact with the earth.

Sealing water and other types of reservoir entails first laying protective geotextile on the reservoir’s floor and secondly, layering  a special sealant with regards to the  specific  needs of the project.

In certain cases of double-layer sealing there is the option of spreading a drainage layer to monitor leaks between the sealing layers.

Did you know?

Once a year, according to regulation 1525 of the Israeli Standards Institute and the Ministry of Health, drinking water, emergency water reservoirs and reservoirs used for firefighting must be cleaned and sterilized. All the materials used to clean and sterilize must meet the requirements of Israeli Standard 5438.

Reservoir sealing projects:

What are the main uses for sealing water reservoirs?

The main use for sealing water reservoirs is to prevent the water from seeping into the ground and to prevent water loss while protecting the reservoir.

Sealing A Water Reservoir With Sealing Sheeting:

The sealing of a water reservoir entails first spreading a layer of sheeting on the floor of the reservoir. Geotextile sheeting is typically used in that it is designed to provide protection from the ground. Secondly, a sealing layer is laid to prevent seepage into the soil . There are various  types of sheeting available such as polyethylene and polypropylene sheeting.

Stages In Sealing A Water reservoir:

Water pressure, the size of the reservoir, its stability, and earth movements have made sealing a critical process that must be carefully planned and expertly executed. The choice of the sealing method and  materials  used changes in accordance to  the type of water (drinking, sewage, treated waste water, etc.) to be stored in the reservoir. With that said, there are required basic stages for the sealing of water reservoirs and any type of reservoir for that matter.

  1. Planning and the choice of materials – depending on the type of sealing required all stages of the sealing operation must be carefully planned and the materials used must meet the standards of the Ministry of Health and the Standards Institute.
  2. Laying geotechnical sheeting – Sheeting made of “geotextile” fabric is used as a protective layer to protect the sealing sheeting and to prevent mechanical damage.
  3. Laying sealing sheeting – The sealing sheeting is a vital part of the sealing process and is the layer that prevents the escape of water from the reservoir. In most cases,  polyurethane of polyethylene sheeting are used.
  4. Laying drainage sheeting/net – This is used for multi-layer sealing projects. It is laid between the sealing layers in order to control leakages. Typically polyethylene is used.
  5. Installation of emergency escape ladders –Safety measure must be set in place to allow quick escape from a full reservoir during an inspection or in the case that someone falls in.

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