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Sealing With A Floating Roof (a.k.a Floating Cover)

Komashov Mishorim provides the  top sealing services including floating roofs (covering). This is installed over a reservoir or sealed pool for various  purposes. The covering is made from the highest quality of flexible and light sealing sheeting which is  reinforced with polypropylene (RPP) or polypropylene (PP). They  are used due  to their unique properties of being exceptional flexible and light weight. The liquid in the reservoir or pool can be protected by a cover that floats on its surface.

Additionally, the covering adjusts perfectly to reservoir water levels.

In order to ensure that the covering operates at its best, special floats and weights must be installed on the covering so that it will be possible to walk over  it when needed and to drain off rain water.

The Importance and Aim of Floating Roof Sealants:

The use of  a floating roof to seal a reservoir is  imperative as it helps maintain water quality at the highest levels and prevents contamination and water loss (evaporation). We at Komashov Mishorim do our utmost to ensure that our sealing will be of the highest quality and standards. Below are the main  and most important reasons for installing a floating roof:

  • Protecting drinking water reservoirs from contamination, dirt and nesting birds – defective sealants or no sealing could result in significant harm to water quality and exposure to various types and sources of contamination.
  • Collection and treatment of gasses that accumulate in the reservoir/pool – roof sealing maintains  a controlled collection of gas and the prevention of environmental pollution.
  • Prevention of water (liquid) loss through evaporation –  Evaporation will occur unless the water reservoir or pool is adequately covered. Proper, high quality sealing is a critical factor for preserving water quantities and preventing the loss of significantwater loss through evaporation.
  • Prevention of odors and environmental pollution  – It is important to ensure that the reservoir is sealed and covered in order to prevent environmental contamination and unpleasant odors to  the area of the reservoir or pond.

Floating roof projects:

Why Should you choose Komashov Mishorim?

Komashov Mishorim has  vast   experience in sealing operations and has been working in this field with great professionalism and expertise for many years. We have covered areasof over 5,000,000 Sq.M., using the best quality plastic sheeting that we imported specifically for this task. Our sheeting meets all the standards and professional requirements that are an integral part for  various sealing operations. Installation of floating covers is an essential part of the construction and operation of many sewage reservoirs.

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