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Sealing Structures and Elements

Komashov Mishorim has more than 30 years of experience specializing in projects that require sealing in a variety of structures  (sealing on vertical walls).   We ensure that our clients receive  the very best service and as such use  worldwide leading  raw sealing materials. When sealing buildings and foundations we mainly use polyethylene or polypropylene sheeting.

Polyethylene Sheeting:

This has substantially higher density than regular sheeting and is uniquely strong. It is weather resistant especially in extreme conditions. Polyethylene sheeting retains its longevity of characteristics making it ideal.

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Polypropylene Sheeting:

It has unique characteristics that make it suitable for various sealing uses while also being cost effective and environmentally friendly (polyurethane can be recycled). The sheeting is flexible, light weight and provides the highest quality of levels.

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Sealing Types:

Sealing Construction Foundations:

This type of sealing is critical as it protects a buildings foundation which will support the entire weight of the building that is being constructed.   Proper quality sealing of the foundation is essential in order to maintain it  at their optimum level and to provide a stable and strong foundation for the building.

Sealing Piles and Special Elements:

Komashov Mishorim maintains the highest standards of quality and service while  ensuring client demand and needs are met. Proper well executed sealing of piles and special elements is just as important as these elements are  critical for the establishment of a solid, stable base of  the building. We have successfully executed dozens of these projects country wide with complete client satisfaction.

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Benefits of Komashov Mishorim’s Pile Sealing Operations:

  • Prevention or various challenges relating to dampness in a buildings walls that occur for the most part are from defective pile sealing.
  • Protection of the buildings foundations and good sealing preserves the foundation allowing for long term functionality.
  • Komashov Mishorim has acquired vast experience in this field. Our expertise has a significant advantage both proficiency, knowledge and  quality  of sealing types. Our professionalism and experience come at  the forefront in all of our work as  we operate in accordance to the clients needs.
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