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Sealing road infrastructures

Sealing Road Infrastructures:

One of the most important components of road building is that of sealing. Sealing is used to achieve  many challenges involved in road construction. It is important to use  efficient and professional solutions in order to execute the work quickly and proficiently. Komashov Mishorim  has gained years of experience in this field, is prepared  to carry out all road sealing projects.

We are proud to add that we have sheeted more than five million Sq.M. of durable and reliable plastic sheeting intended for regular sealing operations and the sealing of road infrastructures.

Our professional services in the field of road infrastructure sealing are designed for infrastructure and development companies, road building companies as well as private contractors who want to seal infrastructures designed for building service roads.

Our Services:

Komashov Mishorim is committed to providing creative and efficient solutions  to all of our clients needs and demands. We provide  vast  range of services. See below the road infrastructure services we provide:

Materials Bsed by Komashov Mishorim:

  • A wide range of road emulsions intended for the preparation of cold asphalt, foundation coating, binding coating and more.
  • Bitumen for roadwork – The company has stocks of Bitumen products for asphalt road construction.
  • Upgraded Bitumen for roadwork We produce upgraded Btumen which is highly resistant and durable under heavy traffic loads. We can also produce quiet asphalt Bitumen.
  • Bitumen sheeting – Is used for road construction and primarily for bridge construction.
  • Road maintenance products – Komashov Mishorim can supply various  products and solutions which are suitable for regular road maintenance, including: cold asphalt to repairing bitumen sheets and holes. This can provide significant aid in the prevention of cracks on  road surfaces.
  • Cold Asphalt –  Is a mixture of cold asphalt intended to fill-in and close holes and cracks on  road surfaces. It is made of  polymers’, organic solvents and bitumen bonds. The goal  is  to mend and patch both flexible and rigid paving surfaces. There are many advantages to using cold asphalt,  in that the repair is a permanent solution.. Upon completion of the the application of the cold asphalt, the road may  be opened to traffic. This method can also be used for  varied weather conditions, including rain. Additionally, the use of cold asphalt prevents the road surface from breaking up thus providing a significant cost effective solution  for road maintenance.

Other Services Provided by the Company:

  • Regular filling and repair of seams and cracks.
  • We provide concrete, earthworks, pipe laying and a range of regular maintenance procedures.
  • Komashov Mishorim can produce 10,000 Sq.M. of asphalt a day whilst maintaining our uncompromising standards of professionalism and quality. Our production capability allows for companies working with us to benefit from fast and efficient road infrastructure sealing operations.

In general, the majority of road infrastructure sealing operations are carried out by Komashov Mishorim by installing special sealing layers that are imported by us. This sheeting meets all professional standards required to ensure the successful sealing of road infrastructure and is adapted to the various needs of  road infrastructures that are common in Israel.

How Does Komashov Mishorim Carry Out Its Operations?

Before we begin sealing any project, our professional team will inspect the site and examine the infrastructure that requires sealing. After the compilation  of the project an operations plan is carried out and the decision  of which materials are best suited for the site will be decided. After which our experienced work crew will begin operating on the site. Sealing operations are performed quickly  and efficiently with regard to the highest standards! Throughout the sealing process, the work crew  is  over sought by our engineers  at all stages of  work. They monitor the sealing process, comment and suggest improvements and report immediately on any foreseeable challenges.   In the event that an encountered problem , the company will take immediate action to ensure that any delays are prevented or kept to  an absolute minimum.

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