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Sealing reinforced concrete ponds

Sealing Reinforced Concrete Ponds:

As an integral part of our concrete structure sealing operations Komashov Mishorim also provides reinforced concrete pond sealing services. These sealing services provide a vast range of solutions for the sealing of chemical ponds to evaporation ponds and more.

Our professional knowledge is to your benefit including a wide range of services such as: earthworks for the construction of ponds and pools as well as  sealing work that  is carried out at the later stages of construction.

Sealing Reinforced Concrete Ponds The Old Fashioned Way:

In order to achieve a strong seal inside the pool or pond there are  specified  steps that must be carried out precisely. These steps are very detailed and include preparation of the infrastructure and the actual sealing work. Here at Komashov Mishorim we take great care in our work.. A strong and durable seal is a vital step as the pond will have to withstand water pressure constantly and for many years. The internal sealing is important but as much  the required  seal of the external  pond  to protect the concrete from ground water.

Is There A Different Solution:

Over the years, supplementary crystal sealing has become more popular around the world in sealing and construction. The supplements make it unnecessary to install layers of sealing inside and outside of the pool while  maintaining a perfect seal.

As mentioned above, the sealing of concrete swimming pools with the addition of crystalline sealing supplements has many advantages including:

  • Complete resistance to chloride and other aggressive chemicals.
  • The casting is impervious throughout the thickness of all the walls thus making additional sealing layers unnecessary.
  • Completely protects the casts metal reinforcing rods and nets which extends the structures life span.
  • The crystalline supplement is added to the concrete casting and does not deteriorate.
  • The pool can be covered with mosaic or ceramic tiling directly onto the concrete.
  • The supplement can withstand water pressure of up to 12 bar. Pressure that is considered to be much higher than that of water reservoirs or swimming pools.
  • Capillary tunnels, filamentary cracks and other faults self-repair during the casting.
  • The supplement is not poisonous and is approved for the use as a sealing agent for drinking water reservoirs.

Company Services:

Alongside our superior products, Komashov Mishorim provides its clients with excellent service which includes:

Our vast collection of experience  since 1981  includes millions of cubic meters of earth excavated by Komashov Mishorim and more than 5.2 million square meters of plastic sheeting laid by the company as part of sealing works carried out over the years.

Reliable and efficient services with high standards.

Efficient execution of all projects in a timely manner.

First class experts, and leaders in their fields.

The use of the most advanced equipment.

A commitment to time schedules and efficient work with high work standards.We meet all the rules and regulation of government bodies and offices.

Exceptionally safe services that meet demands set by law regarding the sealing of concrete pools.

Who Are Our Services Aimed For?

Sealing concrete pools is a professional service provided by Komashov Mishorim to the industry and to private individuals alike. Clients that  want to construct a concrete water reservoir, a chemical pond, an evaporation pond, or build a concrete pool for private use, can also benefit from our earthworks operations. The work involves preparation of the surrounding area where the pool is to be constructed and  the execution of sealing services carried out by the company at the later stages of construction. Concrete pool sealing is a professional service intended for contractors, architects, factory owners/operators, and private individuals.

Should you require concrete pool sealing services  contact Komashov Mishorim to inquire  how we and our range of professional services can help you.

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