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Sealing rail infrastructures

Sealing Rail Infrastructures:

 Komashov Mishorim also specializes in rail infrastructures. We attain  all the equipment,  tools and machinery needed to execute and finish all sealing operations. Here at Komashov Mishorim we place an emphasis on  client demands and the importance of a projects timetable Our  professional experience has been accredited  due to close cooperation between the Israel Land Authority and Israel Rail. Komashov Mishorim  has been projected f for the sealing of many of Israel’s railway tracks.

How Does Rail Infrastructure Sealing Work?

This includes a two part operation.

  • The first section includes selecting the best suited mechanical equipment for the job at hand with careful consideration to the routes conditions, the type of work required, clients demands, and of course the instructions and regulations of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures.
  • Selecting a work crew based on the type of work. Work crews are selected by our experienced and expert engineers who understand the work and are familiar with the work crew.
  • Building an efficient schedule in a timely manner with the inclusion of team leaders to work alongside with. The responsibility of the team leaders are to supervise their teams as they work at various  site locations and  ensure the maintenance of quality and time schedules.
  • When building a schedule, which is taken into carefully consideration we also estimate the expected output of each team and all equipment and machinery that will be used. It is important to understand that we provide the client with a realistic schedule and that unexpected situation may arise.

The second part is the actual work, that said, here at Komashov Mishorim we believe in precision for project success. Our work is executed in a professional and precise manner using the highest standards of quality and safety.  This includes:

  • Exposure – the moving and removal of unnecessary vegetation that can hinder work whilst maintaining (as much as is possible) a clean working environment and avoiding any unnecessary environmental damage.
  • Quarrying or excavating as required. All quarrying and excavation work will be executed according to the strictest and highest standards and only with the most appropriate machinery.
  • Reinforcing and wetting of the infrastructure under construction.
  • Professional and efficient construction of the rail bed.

Sealing is executed on external sections (of walls and foundations) that come into contact with the ground whether perpendicularly or horizontally. Additionally, the three daubing layers are constructed according to the following standards:

  • Primer layer consisting of a bitumen solution diluted with water.
  • First bitumen layer of extruded 40/50 bitumen.
  • Second layer of extruded 40/50 bitumen in differing quantities.

Komashov Mishorim’s Services:

When choosing Komashov Mishorim you are choosing  an advanced and best services company that resides in Israel for all works with  earthworks and sealing.

The Company’s Services Include:

  • Vast experience incurred by the company since its founding in 1981.
  • Fast and efficient services provided by experienced and professional work crews with a daily sealing output of up to 10,000 Sq.M.
  • Advanced work methods and professional machinery used by the work crews to ensure fast, safe and professional execution of all projects.
  • Meeting deadlines, whilst strictly and exactly adhering to the regulations of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures in all matters relating to road and rail infrastructure sealing.
  • Our supervising teams visit all project

    The supervising teams ensures the maintenance of the highest work standards and quality for  the best results. The emphasis on total professionalism is an integral part of the work process, from initial planning  to the actual sealing on site.

Above all, our experience and multi-disciplinary knowledge allows us to reach the highest possible levels of professionalism in all of the services we offer. We provide professional and functional services that meet, the infrastructure needs of each client.

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