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Komashov Mishorim’s Sheet Sealing Projects

Komashov Mishorim is one of Israel’s leading companies specializing in earth works and sheet sealing. The company operates in accordance with  strict local and international standards in order to provide clients with the most professional and advanced services to date.

The company’s sheeting installation processes uses professional advanced sheeting materials of specialized plastic sheeting which are imported by the company from the very best manufacturers from around the globe. We place  special emphasis on professionalism both in the implementation of the use of advanced working methods and  top quality materials as  required with regard to client demand.

The company includes a number of professional divisions sectoring various areas of sealing.

Our professional and highly skilled divisions are staffed by the very best planners, consultants and technicians. Over the past   thirty years of company activity they have worked on countless projects in Israel and internationally. The company’s work team operates   closely,  cooperatively and in coordination with the company’s professional planning team  alongside the client’s project team. Here at Komashov Mishorim we  provide  you, our clients, with the best, fastest and highest quality of professional service. We are keen on meeting schedule deadlines and provide all client demands from start to finish.

Other services in the field of sheet sealing that we offer:

  • Sealing of sewage/chemical ponds.
  • Sealing of reservoirs.
  • Installation of floating covers.
  • Soil protection.
  • Road infrastructure sealing.
  • Sealing of spill containment areas.
  • Sealing reinforced concrete structures and foundations.
  • Landfill sealing.


Komashov Mishorim offers a variety of sheet sealing services. Contact us for more information.

Why is it important to properly seal the ground or the reservoir?

Sealing the ground or a reservoir is vital for preserving the health of the community and the environment.It is imperative  to choose a company that uses only the best materials available with  the most advanced methods so that it can stand  all potential risks.

  • Creating a total barrier – professional sealing of a reservoir of the ground creates a strong barrier between the ground and water thus preventing the escape of liquids and pollutants, ensuring that we protect the environment.
  • Preventing water loss – even a small tear can  cause pollution and water loss. Sealing the reservoir is critical in order to maintain  water volume, to prevent seepage into the ground or the unnecessary loss of water, one of the company’s vital resources.
  • Flood prevention – Sealing the reservoir is  vital in  the prevention of potential damage to nearby facilities or structures as the result of flooding. Strong sealing materials will protect the property and even lives from potential damage and harm.
  • Pest prevention – Sealing the reservoir or the ground protects a  company’s vital resources from pests and vermin, weeds and other polluting vegetation – all of which could damage the water quality and result in significant financial damages that can harm  the product.
  • Prevention of gas leaks – Specialized sealing sheeting prevents gas seepage and preserves the volume of the gas reservoir. Gas escapes  the system only through a controlled gas collection system which prevents financial losses as well as protecting the environment.
  • Preventing bad odors – Special care must be taken to seal and cover reservoirs and areas that produce gases and strong odors. This is in order to prevent the escape of bad smells that could pollute the atmosphere and the environment.


Sheet sealing by Komashov Mishorim

Watch this short  video clip and see  how a reservoir works after it has been sealed by Komashov Mishorim.

We specialize in projects of this type and  many others.

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