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About our sealing sheets

Komashov Mishorim is the main supplier of the different types of sealing sheeting in Israel.

We import sheeting from the world’s best manufacturers, placing an emphasis on the quality of the materials and supplying only those of the highest quality.

The materials we import and supply meet the strictest and most stringent international and local standards.

Should  you require  sealing sheeting or sealing services of any type contact Komashov Mishorim to discuss the range of services and products available.

Polypropylene Sheeting

Polypropylene sheeting is flexible, lightweight and high quality. In addition to its use for ground sealing it is used in Israel and globally for floating covers. This type of sheeting is suitable for the collection of drinking water in accordance with international standards.

Geotechnical Fabric Sheeting

Woven/unwoven geotechnic fabric sheeting (also known as GeoTextile) is available in weights from 100 gr. to 1.5 kg. per meter. It is usually used as a protective layer for the various sealing layers and other uses in the civil industrial sector.

Polyethylene (HDPE) Sheeting

Available in thicknesses from 0.5 – 2.5 mm. This is the most common type of sealing sheeting in the world used for ground sealing, reservoirs, chemical ponds and sewage. The sheets are resistant to extreme climatic conditions and dangerous chemical substances.

GEONET drainage netting

GEONET netting is a plastic, polyethylene netting (HDPE) usually used as a drainage net in dual layer sealing in order to monitor leakages from a reservoir.

How To Choose The Right Sealing Sheeting?

Komashov Mishorim places its professional team of experts and consultants at the clients disposal so that you can choose the ideal sealing sheet material that is the most suitable for the unique needs and requirements of your company and its project. The choice of sheeting changes in accordance to the area, the surface and environmental conditions.


  • Ground, reservoir, sewage and chemical pond sealing – we recommend selecting polyethylene sheeting which is characterized by its high density and long life span. As well its  ability to withstand extreme climatic conditions and the effects of other, strong, substances.
  • Control of gas leakage and odors – We recommend using a floating cover of polypropylene sheeting,which is a hermitical and economical solution that prevents gas leakage and odors that can be unpleasant and harmful to the environment.
  • Sealing of a drinking water reservoir – We recommend using polypropylene sheeting as it is ideal for drinking water. The sheeting is flexible and lightweight and protects the environment.
  • Draining and controlling reservoirs – We recommend using GEONET drainage netting made of polyethylene plastic. Typically it is installed as a double layered sealing to control leakages between layers and to drain liquids  in a controlled trough.

Komashov Mishorim’s Sealing Sheeting:

Komashov Mishorim supplies and installs various types of sealing sheeting across Israel. Our sheeting is used for various  purposes in the civil industrial sector.

  • Polyethylene sheets are typically used for ground, landfill and reservoir sealing, or for the sealing of reinforced concrete structures.
  • Geotechnic sheets is typically used to protect sealing sheeting from damage caused by ground surface conditions. Geotechnic sheets are used in the civil industrial sector for the preservation  of concrete finishings in various construction processes.
  • Polypropylene sheeting is used primarily for ground sealing in projects involving drinking water or where there is a requirement for a floating cover.
  • GEONET netting which, essentially, constitutes as a drainage net between multi-layered sealing in order to control leakages.

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