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Using Sealing Sheets

Here you will learn how to use sealing sheets, what to be aware of, the various stages, the role of the designer, where the dangers lay, what is the most common method and more.

In order to properly seal a roof, reservoir or whatever else, using sealing sheeting we have to be aware of four factors that must be adhered to. The first is professional. A professional person who is fully conversant with the sealing of the various reservoir types must inspect the site. The expert will be able to assess the site and climate properties, the materials that the pond will contain and the characteristics of future use.

After this, once you have a complete picture, it is possible to begin purchasing the needed materials and match the type of sealing sheeting required to ensure a perfect seal for the pond and its contents.

The third consideration is the quality of the raw materials. Materials should only be ordered from well known, reputable manufacturers and suppliers, those that have already proved that their sheeting will last for many years and meet project requirements.
The fourth and final stage is design and planning. The design should include exact quantities of each type of sheeting material required and the sequence of work to be carried out. This requires experience and professionalism.

Take care

Proper sealing with sealing sheeting is done using specific sheeting types taken from a range of plastic sheeting imported from leading manufacturers. Before starting work, planners and designers must be consulted and a team designated. All work should be done to the highest possible professional standards, amateurism could lead to a situation where work already completed has to be dismantled and dine again. We highly recommend that standards of work be checked and maintained throughout the project’s life cycle.

Spreading the sheeting

In most cases, the sheeting to be used will be polyethylene sheeting that seals the ground surface. Polypropylene sheeting is an alternative choice. Once this layer has been placed in position, it is usually covered with a protective layer of geotechnic fabric. If the project involves a two layer sealing system, then a plastic draining net can be added to identify any leakages.

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Using Sealing Sheets

Using Sealing Sheets

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