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Treating Industrial Sludge

Sludge is a byproduct of the sewage purification process. It is an organic material composed of different solids remaining after the purification process. Sludge can be dried and processed into different materials.

Stage 1 – Drying the sludge

When the sludge is removed from the sewage treatment plant is wet and thick. It must first be dried in order that it can be refined and its component elements extracted. The sludge is normally pumped out of the sewage treatment plant and shipped to a separate plant for drying. At the drying plant, various materials will be used to increase the sludge’s thickness and density after which it will be dried using heat and its liquid content is removed by pressure. There are in Israel a number of sludge treatment plants which are often close to the sewage treatment plant.

But why should we treat the sludge?

What can the processed sludge be used for?

As we already noted, sludge consists of many different organic materials obtained from the filtered and processed sewage. Raw sludge contains many poisonous substances that prevent its efficient use as a fertilizer. Organisms within the sludge continue to decompose the sludge, a process which give off poisonous CO2 gas. In a process known as composting, the sludge is processed into compost, a natural fertilizer that can be used to feed the earth and plants. Use of the sludge as a fertilizer exploits almost all of the processed sludge and makes the sewage treatment process an environmentally friendly one that has a minimum impact on the environment.

Use of sludge as an alternative fuel source

If the sludge isn’t turned into compost, then we can take advantage of the fact that it is in a constant state of chemical decomposition (organic fermentation) which decomposes the sludge and releases ammonia, CO2 and methane gas. The methane can be used as an alternative fuel source. The use of organic waste as a natural alternative for petrol is well known and the use of sludge is especially efficient.

Harvesting potash at Haifa Chemicals South Ltd.

Harvesting potash at Haifa Chemicals South Ltd.

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