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Sheeting for reservoir sealing

Professional sealing of a water reservoir is important to preserve the water and prevent its leakage into the ground. In order to achieve this the water is separated from the ground but even the smallest hole can cause a significant loss of precious water. That’s why it is impartment to invest in proper sealing procedures.


The process of sealing a water reservoir begins with the laying of specialized sheets on the reservoir’s floor. In most cases this will be a geotextile fabric that is used to prevent damage to the sealing layer by the ground. On this layer another layer is spread, designed to seal in the water and prevent its escape. In most cases this is a two stage process but can sometimes involve a third, intermediate stage where drainage sheets are laid between the two other layers. The aim of the third stage is to monitor leakages so that any leak is immediately identifiable before the damage caused is too great.


Today there many different types of sealing sheets available for a sealing water reservoirs.

Geotechnic sheets are designed to provide a protective layer beneath the various layers of sealing sheets. This type of sheeting is made of a woven fabric (but is also available as a non-woven fabric) and weighs between 100 gr. to 1500 gr.

Polyethylene sealing sheets are resistant to extreme climatic conditions as well as poisonous materials and range in thickness from 0.5 to 2.5 mm. They are primarily used for sealing reservoirs and ground surfaces.

Geonet drainage netting is mostly used for drainage and leak control.

Finally, polypropylene sheeting is also used for seal ground areas and is also a solution for floating covers. This sheeting is also used for the collection and holding of drinking water and has an International Standard. This is flexible, light and high quality sheeting that is in common usage.

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Operational water reservoir

Operational water reservoir

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