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Since 1981 Komashov Mishorim has completed hundreds ofvaried projects including the construction of reservoirs, ponds and dams for the supply of water, irrigation, sewage treatment, flood prevention, acid storage, landfills, fish ponds,  cable ski sites, as well as, closed ponds with floating covering for varied uses.

Our accrued knowledge of over 30 years has allowed Komashov Mishorim to execute projects such as: earthworks and sealing, the construction of water reservoirs, landfills, chemical ponds, evaporation ponds, sewage treatment plants, fuel and chemical storage depots, floating coverings and more. Millions of cubic meters of soil have been excavated by the company and over 5.2 million Sq.M. of polyethylene sheeting (HDPE and LDPE) have been imported and installed by us in Israel and  globally. Such projects as decorative ponds to water and acid reservoirs and even dangerous substance landfills.

Our Services Include:

  • Earthworks for the construction of reservoirs, ponds, dams, sewage treatment plants and more.
  • Installation of HDPE, LDPE, PP, RPP, EPDM, PVC, GEOTEXTIL,GEODRAIN NET sheeting.
  • Installation of floating covers..
  • Construction of earth banks and dams.
  • Sealing of chemical and fuel spill containment areas.
  • Pile sealing.
  • Sealing of reinforced concrete installations.
  • Installation of sealing sheets for road and rail infrastructure.
  • Pipe and plumbing works.
  • On site poured concrete work.
  • Regular maintenance of reservoirs and ponds both with and without sealing systems.
  • Guaranteed solid waste removal.
  • Cleaning and restoration of reservoirs and ponds.

Komashov Mishorim operates a team of highly skilled, qualified and experienced professionals.Each team has a work output of up to 10,000 Sq.M. per day. Komashov Mishorim’s biggest advantage is in the company’s ability to execute all projects involving earth works, sealing, concrete installations, pipe laying, infrastructure and maintenance all under one roof. A one stop shop!

The company attains the equipment, tools,  machinery, and primarily the technical expertise required to execute all these projects and much more. Komashov Mishorim offers its clients a wide range of services for their projects demands while keeping to schedule, remaining within budget, with guarantee.

Komashov Mishorim Ltd. - Sealing contractor and earthworks ISO

10 Harimonim Street, Even Yehuda 40500
Phone: 050-5330620
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