Sealing and Earth Works Contractor

Sealing and Earth Works Contractor – Komashov Mishorim Ltd

Komashov Mishorim Ltd. Company is responsible for some of the largest projects in Israel, including: the sealing of Ben Gurion 2000 Airport’s infrastructure with over 1.5 million square meters of polyethylene sheets, constructing and sealing the majority of Israel's chemical plants at the Mishor Rotem site as well as building and sealing most of the reservoirs in sewage treatment facilities throughout Israel. The company executes sealing and earth works for water reservoirs, cesspools, structures and foundations, and specializes in all areas of sealing using all existing methods and technologies. read more...

Whatever your project, if you need a sealing or earth works contractor, now is the time to discover the range of professional services offered by Komashov Mishorim.

In order to help our clients, we have provided you with a FAQ page to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. And, if you didn’t find the information you need there, then please contact us. We will gladly answer any and all your questions and provide you with any advice you may need.


30 Years professional experience

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience we have accumulated both in Israel and abroad, we have the knowledge, the means, the equipment and the most advanced and efficient methods in the field. Even in those areas considered to be highly complex and with projects that demand creative solutions, our knowledge and experience ensure that we’ll meet our, and your, targets and goals.


All the services under one roof

When you work with Komashov Mishorim, you don’t need to deal with any additional suppliers in order to complete your project. We have professional teams specializing in earth works, sealing, concrete, pipeline infrastructure and maintenance who provide an efficient and comprehensive service that increases your productivity and profitability.

International Standards

International Standards

As the leading company in its field in Israel, Komashov Mishorim meets local and international standards that provide our clients with total peace of mind. The standards guarantee our quality, our reliability and our professionalism while ensuring that each client is provided the best, the most advanced services available in the world, in order to meet their requirements and demands.


Advanced technologies and materials

Komashov Mishorim is committed to remaining at the front of its field. That’s why we only use the most modern materials, purchased from the world’s leading manufactures and which are suitable for the most advanced technologies while closely matching the specific needs of each and every client.

Reservoir Sealing

Our services

  • Sealing Reservoirs
  • Sealing land fills
  • Sealing spill containment
  • Pile sealing
  • Sealing road infrastructure
  • Sealing rail infrastructure
  • Sealing reinforced concrete
  • Constructing reservoirs
  • Cesspool Construction
  • Erection of floating covers
  • Cleaning sealed reservoirs
  • Cleaning sewage and solids
  • Earth works
  • Polyethylene sheet supply
  • Polypropylene sheet supply
  • Geotechnic sheet supply
  • Supply of soil protection
  • Drainage net supply
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